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FUGAZ Banking Stocks Databank.

The FUGAZ Banking Stocks Databank is an open-source database of the top banking stocks in Nigeria which are; The FUGAZ Banking Stocks Databank is a simple and intuitive project open to the public to provide data points, insights and visualizations about the top banking stocks in Nigeria. The aim of developing this databank is to provided the public with an easy-to-use platform that would enable them to make detailed and informed decisions as it relates to the FUGAZ banking stocks. The FUGAZ Ba

Young and new to stock investing: Here are the key elements you should know

Elements are the ingredients and building blocks from which success germinates, and the practice of stock investing is a craft that requires the right elements and framework to enable the success of an investor on the stock market. As a young and new investor, you might have heard of companies on the stock market like Dangote, Coca-Cola, Facebook, or MTN, these are publicly traded businesses that offer investors rewards in the form of stock price growth and dividends based on your stock ownersh

Dividend Investing on the NGX as a Millennial or GenZ

An integral part of life is the reward we get from the actions we take and decisions we make. For the landowner the reward is rent; for the employee, the reward is a salary or wage; for the capital owner, the reward is interest; for the business owner, the reward is profit; and for those interested in owning stocks (shareholders), they can look to a dividend as being their reward. As a shareholder, the amount of shares you own determines the amount of dividend you will be able to get, and the d

Capitalism: A driver of growth and development in Nigeria

One thing is clear, the kind of economic system adopted by a country factors heavily into the success or failure achieved by such a country. An economic system simply represents a system adopted by a country that guides how it produces, distributes, and allocates its goods, services, and resources. In today’s world, most of the developed and successful developing countries adopt many elements of the capitalist or market-based system and this has been critical to their growth and development. Th

Creative destruction and the threat of the global energy transition to the Nigerian economy

Creative destruction, a term popularly associated with the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter is a concept that seems to be taken for granted by many economists and policymakers most especially in Nigeria. Creative destruction emphasizes how product, process, and system innovation lead to old frameworks being replaced by new ones in a significant and rapid way. For context, an example today of creative destruction is how the innovation called the internet, enabled Amazon to become the market

How to value and select stocks on the NGX as a Millennial or GenZ

Ownership is an important element of wealth creation and it is a concept everyone needs to work towards and aspire to today. Ownership represents a person’s ability and right to possess something that provides the potential for financial security and wealth irrespective of one’s age. It can come in many forms and as assets such as land, a business, precious stones, or financial instruments such as bonds, treasury bills, or stocks. For a person above the age of 16 and born into the Millennial (1

Top future industries with the highest economic potential in the 2020s.

An industry is simply a group of closely related businesses, companies, and firms that produce and offer a set of raw materials, goods, or services. All through history, different industrial revolutions have been born and have had a huge impact on humankind, our economies, and our society. The First Industrial Revolution for example which came to be in the 1750s gave birth to the mechanized agriculture industry and the steam engine both of which were responsible for boosting global food securit

Impact of global decisions on Nigerian businesses.

As a country in a globalized world, Nigeria and its businesses are not isolated from decisions made beyond our shores. Global decisions profoundly affect economics and when economics is affected, businesses would invariably feel such effects. When it comes to Nigeria, global decision making affects its businesses, through politics, policy, and economics in the following significant ways; Crude Oil prices after the Nigerian economy and businesses in profound ways, but what determines the price o

Boris Johnson, Brexit, and Nigeria- What is it about?

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been able to win a huge 80 seat majority in the British Parliament which in effect will most likely enable him to get the much-debated Brexit done. The question now to the average Nigerian onlooker is what is Brexit, and what potential effect will it have on Nigeria. Read on, I’ll explain. Brexit which is short for ‘British Exit’ is a formal withdrawal process from the European Union (EU) by the UK, which was initiated during the 2016 referendum on a

Past Election Numbers Of Major Political Parties In Nigeria Tell Interesting Stories.

Democracy more than any other political system on the planet and throughout history hinges on a simple premise which is that legitimacy and power for any political leadership is granted solely by ‘the people’ who grant such legitimacy and power through their legal right to vote. In that regard, it is evident to infer that democracy is a ‘game of numbers’ and that in any democracy ‘the votes’ are the ‘currency of the day’, as one is able to understand and gather the support of the people which tr

How Capitalism and Free Market Economics Can Drive The Nigerian Project Forward

The great Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew, had this to say when asked about the state of mind and approach used, in turning his nation’s status from third world to first world in the space of just a generation, “We are ideology-free, when doing something, we ask does it work? If it works, let’s try it. If it’s fine, let’s continue it. If it doesn’t work toss it out, and try another”. These words are no where needed than in Nigeria, and in how its economy is being run. These words speak t